Fast Freight Forwarding

Alba Transport is a general Forwarding Agent not only in Durres Port but in all Albanian ports as well forwarders for any type of cargo .

We serve our clients with supplying, Forwarding agency and all their needs in hereunder ports:

  • Durres Port
  • Porto Romano Durres
  • Shengjini Port
  • Vlora Port
  • Saranda Port

Services we offer as Forwarding Agents

  • Forwarder
  • National Transport
  • International Transport
  • Cargo Handling for third parties
  • Warehousing
  • Open Storage
  • Closed Storage
  • Cargo Custody
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Freight charterer for road transport
  • Cargo stowage support
  • Door – to – door shipments
  • Dangerous goods packing and shipping
  • Customs Consultancy

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